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By mistake '35L' was printed on your 60 litre-capacity Noatak. We'd like to offer you a free product to atone for our error!

This will probably be one of our small Stormproof™ pouches (pictured), worth £15/$21. If we don't have one of those in stock we will send you another Aquapac product to at least that value.

To claim your free product we need you to send us a copy of your receipt as evidence that you purchased one of the wrongly-marked 60L Noatak Wet & Drybags. Please attach a copy of your receipt to an email to, with the words Free Product in the Subject line.

As well as the proof of purchase please include:

- your name
- your shipping address
- the name of the store where you bought the Noatak bag.

Shipping will be free, there will be no cost to you.

Tim Turnbull,
Chief Executive