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Large Camera Case

IPX8 Submersible Code: USS448
This large size is perfect for cameras whose shape or size means they won't fit in our mini or small cases. Get great photos through the case - even underwater!

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Comes supplied with
Adjustable shoulderstrap
3 Desiccant sachets

Large Camera Case (448)

  • Large Camera Case (448)
  • Large Camera Case (448)
  • Large Camera Case (448)
  • Large Camera Case (448)
  • photo taken through an Aquapac
  • Large Camera Case (448)


Product Dimensions
Bridge camera cases   MSRRP
448 Large Camera Case   $50.00
451 System Camera Case   $130.00

Perfect For:

Large Camera Case (448) - perfect for these items

What size do I need?
This is the best case for all those odd-shaped compact-system camera, and larger zoom lenses. If you're not sure which size you need, contact us.

Key Features:

  • The lens window on the front is made of optically-clear LENZFLEX™.
  • Operate all controls easily through the supple TPU material.
  • Also protects from dust, dirt and sand.
  • Comes with a comfy shoulderstrap
  • Like most of our cases it'll float if you drop it in the drink.
  • The seams are high-frequency welded to form a super-strong bond.
  • The Aquaclip® (a patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-moulded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple twist of three levers, and everything stays in one piece even when open.
  • Supplied with 3 x 2g desiccant sachets to absorb condensation in humid climates (you can order extra ones - see Accessories).
  • Technical Specs
    Waterproof Rating submersible Submersible
    Colour Cool Grey with Grey shoulderstrap
    Materials TPU with optically-clear LENZFLEX™ lens window.
    Weight Case: 3.8oz / 108g
    Shoulderstrap: 2.0oz / 56g
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    Videos - How It Works:

    Example Images

    Click here for examples of customer images taken through Aquapac camera cases.


    Review by Janna, Connecticut, USA, added 5/15/13: This bag delivers!
    The Aquapac large camera case gives you peace of mind with your camera with all the functionality one would wish for. Being able to swim or kayak with your camera without worrying about water damage is amazing. This bag delivers! The adjustable neck or shoulder strap allows you to decide how to wear it to take pictures. It can hold anything from a large camera to a small. I used it first with my SeaLife as a precautionary measure and then after that test used it with my Lumix successfully. I did find that it was necessary post-swim to leave the camera case bag propped open to get any residual moisture to air away after the tropical climate swims. One desiccant sachet lasted for over a month of use when used post-swim to help it air out. I was able to get fantastic pictures thanks to this!
    Review by Harmony Ray, Oregon, USA, added 5/15/13: blows disposable cameras out of the water for snorkeling!
    "I'm so pleased with my experience with your product and I just want the whole world to know. If only I had known about this product sooner it could have used it in my other travels to Jamaica and Mexico. I'm just so excited - it blows disposable cameras out of the water for snorkeling! Not to mention the cost of one reusable bag replaces up to three disposable cameras at once. That alone saves on resources from my pocketbook and is more environmentally friendly and creates a win-win situation for everyone!"

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