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35L Noatak Wet & Drybag

IPX6 Stormproof Code: USS755
Navy Diver Olympics ApprovedOur Noatak bags are extraordinarily adaptable to suit a wide range of different lifestyles, tasks and pursuits. If you're going out walking, biking or paddling they make comfortable, lightweight daypacks. If you're going sailing you can use them as stash bags, or as emergency grab bags.

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Comes supplied with
Adjustable shoulderstraps

35L Noatak

  • 35L Noatak
  • 35L Noatak
  • Noatak selection
  • 35L Noatak
  • 35L Noatak
  • 35L Noatak
  • 35L Noatak
  • Noatak packaging


4 sizes Capacity MSRP
768 Noatak Wet & Drybag 15L $40
778 Noatak Wet & Drybag 25L $45
755 Noatak Wet & Drybag 35L $50
750 Noatak Wet & Drybag 60L $60

With a range of 15, 25, 35 and 60 Litre bags, there's a Noatak for everyone.

Perfect For:

Noatak Wet & Drybag -35L (755) - perfect for these items

Key Features:

  • Internal Wet and Dry sections
  • Supplied with 2 shoulderstraps for use as a backpack, shoulderbag or grab-bag
  • Super light-weight waterproof fabrics make these great day-bags
  • The roll-down seal will keep out any rain or mud, or spray on a kayak.
  • The integral lashtab is perfect for lashing it down to a deck.
  • The Noataks are made of Ripstop Nylon. Ripstop is a woven fabric that has an extra thread added to the weave which stops a tear or rip from travelling across or down the fabric.
  • The fabric is TPU-coated to keep water out.
  • The Noatak River is a river in northwestern Alaska.
  • Technical Specs
    Waterproof Rating stormproof Stormproof
    Volume 35 litre
    Colour Cool Grey, Black and Orange
    Materials 70D PU-Coated Ripstop Nylon with Taped Seams
    Weight Bag: 8.3oz / 234g
    2 x Shoulderstraps: 2.9oz / 81g
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    Review by Mr Paul Fletcher, added 11/14/14: It gives me peace of mind
    I bought a Noatak 25L waterproof daypack in spring 2014 as I wanted something lightweight that I could always carry, so as to carry my business laptop in. I tend to hold it by the pack with my precious laptop in it. It gives me peace of mind in case of rains in whatever country I'm in. And because I'm also an international businessman, subject to carry-on weights, the Noatak's non-weight is wonderful. Then when I'm on a scuba diving boat, it keeps my camera and things dry. Or when I'm out running, it keeps my towel and spare clothes dry. The divider inside is a great idea, and I do have wet and dry things at times to keep separate. I've had a couple of the waterproof pouches for years, and given them for Xmas prezzies, and I might just give a Noatak to a friend who has a canoe.
    Review by Curtis Jasa, President, Navy Diver Challenge, Iowa, added 10/18/13: Navy Diver Challenge Approved
    We got a bunch of Aquapacs direct from the manufacturer in England. In a very simple test we filled the bag up with newspaper and jumped off of the diving board into the deep end of the pool. We went down no more than a couple meters as the bags also float quite well. We swam it to the side and the newspaper was completely dry. We have since beat them, cut them, torn them, ripped them and even burned them to get a feel for the product. This one was simple. Navy Diver Challenge Approved. Nice job, mates.
    Review by Marie Malinowski, Minneapolis Outdoor Recreation E, added 10/18/13: affordable addition to your outdoor gear.
    "On a four-day canoe trip in the Boundary Waters, our clothes and sleeping bag remained dry despite the fact that the Noataks were sitting in the bottom of the canoe in three inches of paddle splash and rain water. The features don't just stop at being waterproof. My stiff, vinyl SealLine dry bag, which becomes stiffer and less pliable with each decrease in the Mercury level, is waterproof. The Noatak is a high-quality dry bag and a versatile piece of camping gear. Constructed with Nylon Ripstop material, it is soft, pliable, lightweight, and compressible, extending its functionality far beyond that of keeping clothes or a sleeping bag dry. At camp, the Noatak's convenient handle and straps make it simple to store your trash or food high up on a bear line. Stuff clothes inside, wrap a fleece jacket around it, and you have about the best camp pillow that you'll ever use. Two convenient internal pockets separate wet clothes from dry, and/or dirty from clean. The easily interchangeable and removable straps convert to a lightweight, waterproof daypack or an over-the-shoulder duffle bag. Bike commuters can attach it to their bike's cargo rack and secure it with straps through the lash tabs. Convenient compression straps compact your load to fit into a canoe pack or through the sealed hatch of a kayak. The Aquapac Noatak is a must-have for water sports enthusiasts. Kayakers, canoeists, anglers, the people who sail those sail boat thingies. Even backpackers will benefit from the Noatak as a lightweight accoutrement to a backpack. They're an affordable addition to your outdoor gear."

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