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PackDivider Drysack (4 pack)

IPX6 Stormproof Code: USS001
Gear Institute recommended...For use inside other bags to separate items, add waterproofing and prevent toiletry leaks from spreading.

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PackDivider Drysacks

  • PackDivider Drysacks
  • PackDivider Drysacks
  • PackDivider Drysacks - set of all 4
  • PackDivider Drysacks - set of all 4
  • PackDivider Drysacks - packaging


4 sizes  Capacity  MSRP
set of 4 PackDividers    $66.00
2L PackDivider™ Drysack  122 cu in  $13.00
4L PackDivider™ Drysack  244 cu in  $15.00
8L PackDivider™ Drysack  488 cu in  $18.00
13L PackDivider™ Drysack  793 cu in  $20.00

Perfect For:

For use inside other bags to separate items, add waterproofing and prevent toiletry leaks from spreading.

Key Features:

  • Translucent material so you can see bag contents.
  • Colour coded for quick access to essentials.
  • Bright colours are easy to find in luggage.
  • Grab handle at both ends.
  • Fully taped seam (NOT welded).
  • PVC-Free / 0% Vinyl.

  • Technical Specs
    Waterproof Rating stormproof Stormproof
    Volume 122, 244, 488, 793 cu in
    Colour Translucent white with colour-coded bottoms
    Materials 75D Nylon, PU-coated inside, Silicone-coated outside.
    Weight 1.1oz, 1.3oz, 1.6oz, 1.9oz
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    Review by, added 9/23/13: recommended gear
    At the end of August, I spent a week packrafting down the Alatna River in Gates of the Arctic National Park with a fun group of people. For those of you who might like to try your own packrafting adventure someday, below you will find my recommended gear list... Between the river, rain, and condensation, you and all your gear are going to get wet. Minimize damage by putting everything in drysacks. The PackDivider Drysacks from Aquapac are super light and color coded to help you organize.
    Review by Gear Institute, added 8/15/13: Dream Gear
    The San Juan might not have the rapids of the Grand, but you still need drybags. Enter a new line of water-keeper-outers from Aquapac, including the 2-, 4-, 8-, and 13-liter Drysack; 40L/70L Upano Waterproof Duffel, and 25L Wet & Dry backpack. The 40L Duffel worked perfectly for one of our most prized possessions: toilet paper (which, with eight along, we needed plenty of). Simply roll down the top closure and fasten the Velcro strip and Fastex buckles. The only knock against it and the larger 70L was that you lose a little space rolling the closure up enough to reach the Velcro fastener. The 25L Wet & Dry Backpack also proved a hit, especially on the hike up to the swimming hole at John’s Canyon. Made from a tough TPU nylon outer, with waterproof, taped seams, it handled all the abrasive scrapes we could dish out while slithering up a crack to get to the traverse to the pool. It fit six beach towels for shivering children afterward, as well as a few brews for the escorting parents. Mesh side pockets fit water bottles and a camera, while an interior, lightweight roll-down dry storage sack inside (combined with the outer material’s roll-down closure) let us separate wet stuff from the dry, and kept everything as dry as the ram bone the kids found in an alcove. The only knock: the hip belt was a bit hard to fasten. Move the receiver buckle more to the middle, will ya?