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Explore by Activity

Explore by Activity

Hiking or biking, ducking or diving, heading for the hills or just struggling through the rain to your work, if you're an outdoors person who needs to keep your stuff dry, boy do we have some gear for you!
  • Sail


    For nearly 30 years we've been outfitting you yachtsmen and yachtladies with top-quality waterproof bags and cases.

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  • Travel


    When you're caught by a storm on the road to Machu Picchu, or swimming alone off the beach at Ko Phangan, you'll be SO glad you bought an Aquapac to safeguard your valuables.

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  • Bike


    Check out here - amongst other things - our brilliant new Stormproof™ Messenger Bag.

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  • Fish


    Ever dropped your phone or camera in the water? Not yet? One day you will you know. So get wise or get waterlogged!

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  • Pool & Beach

    Pool and Beach

    Want to use your phone to film the amazing underwater life in the Maldives? Or maybe just want to mess about with your mates at the waterpark in Mexico? 

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  • Urban & Commuter

    Urban and Commuter

    Pedal biking or motorcycling, we have everything you need for your wet-weather commute. From an ingenious waterproof backpack, to our wonderful waterproof iPod cases.

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