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Sizing Advice

Aquapacs are 2-dimensional cases which become 3-dimensional when you put something in them. 

So giving you the width and length when flat really wouldn’t be that helpful. 

If you want to know whether your unit is going to fit into the Aquapac, the most important measurement is actually its circumference, and the circumference of the case aperture. 

To measure the circumference of your unit, take a piece of thread and stretch it round the thickest part - then measure against a ruler. 

The circumference of your unit must be less than the aperture circumference figure which is given on each product page.

An example of a size diagram for each Aquapac Product:
Aquapac Product Dimensions Image Example

Sizing Advice

If you're totally confused by our measurements, and can't find the right size case, just contact us by clicking here, or ask us on Facebook or Twitter. We aim to answer within 1 working day - usually sooner.