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Will I really get good photos?

Taking photos underwater through an Aquapac

It’s a bit like taking a photograph through your window at home.

First of all the window needs to be as clean as possible. Even with a clean window you may notice some reflection, but the closer you hold the camera lens to the window, the less the reflection. Similarly our cases give best results with the lens window tight against the camera lens.

Try to avoid flash photography but if you do need to use the flash make sure that the case is tight over the flash so the light doesn’t reflect back into the lens.

Keep the lens window clean and avoid scratching it. Try to look after it the same way you look after your camera lens.

Taking photos underwater

Note re smartphones: Capacitive screens don't work underwater - the water breaks the circuit - so you need to use the Volume Up/Down buttons to shoot underwater.

It takes a bit of practice and a little luck to get really good underwater photos – please don’t think that every shot you take is going to make the cover of SportDiver magazine.

You need strong sunshine and clear water. The middle of the day is best, when the sun is at its highest.

Best results will be just below the surface. Light disappears quickly as you go deeper, as do colours (one of the advantages of digital cameras is that you can retouch your photos afterwards to replace colours lost underwater).

Underwater photos taken through an Aquapac waterproof case
(Above: Photos taken through an Aquapac waterproof case.)

Even clean water is full of microorganisms and other particles. The less water between you and your subject, the less difference this will make and therefore the clearer your shots are likely to be. Wide lens and close up is the secret.

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